Mutt Magic Training, LLC: Private Lesson Training Agreement

Duration and expectations-

Private lessons are typically one hour in length. Within this hour, the dog will be evaluated, training techniques will be taught to both the dog and handler, and proper and safe usage of any training equipment will be demonstrated. In addition, notes will be provided to the owner that will include results of the evaluation and additional exercises to complete. These homework exercises are the responsibility of the owner, and the effectiveness of a training course often depends on them. Training, and the review of notes will take approximately one hour. If notes are typed following your session (and not during your session) the session may be shorter, and notes will be sent at a later time. Occasionally, lessons may last longer than one hour; there will be no additional charge for lessons that take longer than expected.


Creating and maintaining appropriate behavior in dogs requires consistency and maintenance. Your trainer will be available by telephone and/or email outside of your scheduled lesson times if there is an urgent question or situation. Once a private course has been completed, you may choose to schedule reduced-cost maintenance lessons to ensure your dog maintains and builds upon the level of training learned in your course.


*In the event that Mutt Magic Training Services is training a dog and/or human aggressive animal, all handling recommendations made by your trainer must be followed to ensure safety. Mutt Magic Training Services will not be responsible for the actions of any aggressive animal, neither inside or outside of a training course.

Cancellation Policy-

In the event that a client must cancel, a 24-hour notice is preferred. With notice, lessons may typically be rescheduled; limited to one lesson per six-week course. If you must cancel two or more lessons at the end of a course, they may be rescheduled for a later date if a one-week notice is provided. In the unlikely event that your trainer must cancel, all efforts to make a 24-hour notice will be made. Any cancellations that must be made by your trainer will be rescheduled to a time that is convenient for you.

Inclement Weather-

Most often, private lessons may continue in the event of inclement weather. In the event that training is held outdoors and training or traveling conditions become unsafe, the lesson may be cancelled or postponed, to be rescheduled for a later date.


Basic Obedience / House Manners

Individual Private Lesson/Evaluation-           $150.00
Six-week Private Course-                           $800.00
Individual Maintenance Lessons*-               $90.00
*Available after having completed a six-week course.

Behavior Modification / Aggression

Individual Private Lesson/Evaluation-           $200.00
Six-week Private Course-                           $1000.00
Individual Maintenance Lessons*-               $100.00
*Available after having completed a six-week course.

Remote Training / Course Only / Equipment Included

Six-week Private Course-                           $1500.00
Individual Maintenance Lessons*-               $150.00
*Available after having completed a six-week course.

Virtual/Online Private Lessons (Using ZOOM)

Single session - $100

6-week course - $400


Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, Zelle, or credit card through PayPal. (A small fee will apply when using PayPal.) After submitting the form below, you will be redirected to a page with payment options. In order to secure your scheduled time, a $50 deposit must be made in advance; virtual lessons must be paid in-full. Remaining payment is due on the day of the first lesson. Occasionally, payment plans may be agreed upon, for courses only. Payment plans must be paid according to the terms. In the event that a client defaults, the individual lesson rate will apply for the entire course, to include any lessons already completed. If payment cannot be made, the client forfeits any remaining lessons. Mutt Magic Training Services does not offer refunds. In the event that a client must cancel course lessons, it is possible to reschedule for a later date, provided adequate notice is made. (See cancellation policy)


Mutt Magic Training Services will make all efforts to ensure that you are satisfied with your training and that all of your training needs have been reasonably met within your course. By signing below, you agree to all of the above conditions. **Please use the button below to print this for your records.

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