General Training – FAQ

  • What is the best way to train my dog?

There is no specific answer to this! Whichever methods you choose, consistency is the most important key to all training. The bottom line is to choose a method, and stick with it. Some methods will be faster at correcting problem behaviors, some methods will be better for shy or fearful dogs, while others may be useful at teaching your dog fun tricks, etc.

We believe in balanced training. This means that dogs are taught through positive motivation of some kind, and that corrections are introduced after behaviors have been learned. The type of motivation and the type of correction depends on the dog and handler team. Motivation may include treats, toys, or praise- whichever your DOG finds valuable. Corrections typically include voice, or leash- again, whichever will best gain the dogs attention to redirect back to proper behavior.

  • What type of training classes are offered at Mutt Magic?

We offer a full array of class options to fit your lifestyle, needs, and schedule.

-Private evaluations and courses are available, as well as board and train. These options are a good choice if you have specific needs to address.

-Group classes are all 8-weeks in length. These include the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Course, the Basic/CGC Prep Course, the Intermediate/Off lead Prep Course, the Advanced/Off lead course, as well as the Confidence Course. For more information about what each of these courses covers, please contact us for details!

Have more questions? Please comment here, and we will add and answer them! Please also remember to visit our website: for upcoming events, and detailed service offerings.

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