Mutt Magic Group Class- FAQ

  • I missed orientation! Now what?

Not to worry. If you missed orientation, we can email  you orientation materials, and you can view a basic obedience demo, here.

  • What happens in the event of inclimate weather?

In the past, we have tried to follow school closings to make decisions regarding classes. However, we’ve found that if we do this, we’ll never hold a class in the winter!! A call will be made at least one hour in advance of any class cancellations. Please be sure that you provide the best number to reach you at in your registration materials. If you do not receive a call, class is on as scheduled! See you there!

  • Why are flexi leashes not allowed in group classes?

Retractable, or Flexi leashes, are not allowed in group class because they do not allow for proper control of your dog, and can also be a safety hazard. Retractable leashes, if dropped, can chase your dog, which can be a bad experience for you, your dog, as well as your classmates. If the locking mechanism is not properly controlled, these leashes may allow your dog into another student’s training space as well. They also pose amputation risks for dogs and humans if the cord is wrapped around fingers, legs, etc.

  • I need control of my dog NOW. Why should I wait until the first day of classes with dogs to purchase training equipment?

Training equipment is designed to give control without the use of force. There are many options in regard to collars, leashes, etc.  Some are appropriate for your dog, others are not. You are welcomed to bring any training equipment you may already have to class, provided that it is in good working order. Your trainer will make the decision as to what is the most appropriate equipment for your dog in class.

Sizing is also important. Often, students purchase equipment before class that is too large for his/her dog, and end up having to return it. While sizing will be discussed in orientation, having properly sized equipment is important for safety, and your trainer will assist you in this as well.

  • Will our dogs be able to play in class?

Some classes, such as our AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Course, have time dedicated specifically for developing canine social behavior. Our other group classes are more focused on obedience and control around people and other dogs. In these classes, a three-foot rule will be used, in which all dogs must remain three feet away from all other students and thier dogs. This helps to maintain control, and also ensures that both dogs and owners are focused during obedience time.

Additionally, from time to time, we do allow aggressive dogs into group classes for the purpose of gaining control in a group environment. Because of this, and out of respect for all of our students, play time will not be allowed during regular obedience classes. Students are welcomed to come early or stay late to work on social behavior. Often, if your trainer is notified in advance, we can spend some time helping to socialize, if needed.

  • What if I have to miss a class?

Unfortunately, our group class schedule does not allow for make-up classes. If you have to miss week 8, we can fit you in at any of our regularly scheduled CGC test dates at no additional charge. If you miss Orientation, we can email you the orientation materials, and you may view the obedience demo here. If you know ahead of time that you will miss a mid-course, simply let your trainer know, and homework can be emailed to you, or given a week in advance. Occasionally, you may be allowed to attend another scheduled class, if space allows.

  • What happens if our dogs don’t pass the. . .TEST??

At the end of our basic obedience courses, your dog will have the opportunity to take the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, and earn the certification. All students are encouraged to take part in this. Because we train above and beyond what you and your dog will need to pass, failure during the CGC evaluation doesn’t happen regularly. But, it does happen. What happens if your dog doesn’t pass? Nothing. No reports are made. You and your dog are not shunned from obedience. Your dog did not fail puppy school. You simply work with your dog on the items that need more attention, and take the test again at a later date.

If your dog only failed a portion of the test, if time allows, we will often allow one re-take on the same date, after all other dogs have finished testing. Students are highly encouraged to practice with their dogs while others are taking the test.

Please visit for upcoming group classes!

4 thoughts on “Mutt Magic Group Class- FAQ

  1. Adrian Bishop

    Good Morning: I have registered for the June 19 (start) course at HSHC. I had planned to be away on the 19th but a 7 hour round trip could get me to Orientation. I read in your notes that missing Orientation is forgivable if one reads extra homework and watches a video – that would save me many hours of driving. Please send me the Orientation materials.
    I also note there is a discount available for adopted dogs, that would be applied after payment. That never appeared. Cooper was adopted from HSHC on June 1, 2017.
    I would have appreciated knowing this is a ‘taxable’ service before reading it after my payment had been taken.

  2. ajasage Post author

    Thank you for letting me know your concerns. Because payments are processed through PayPal, the discount has to be applied manually. Once your registration has been processed on this end, you can expect to see it. Also, there is a note on the registration confirmation page that a small fee is added when PayPal or credit cards are used. Because it is difficult to do this any other way, it ends up appearing as “tax” on the PayPal end. In fact, this is not a taxable service, that is simply the fee that is charged for credit card processing. I’ll definitely make note to send you the orientation materials once your registration has been processed, as well.

    Thank you,
    Aja Brown
    Mutt Magic Training

  3. Deborah

    Are all dogs required to show current vaccinations to be allowed to attend?
    Is there still a discount for a dog who was a rescue? Thanks!

  4. ajasage Post author

    When enrolling, everyone is required to confirm that their dog is under veterinary care. Your vet will determine what vaccines are age appropriate, and appropriate for your individual dog. The only vaccine required by law is rabies, so we do verify that dogs old enough to have received that vaccine have their rabies tag on.

    There are specific local rescues that we work with and, in turn, give a discount to students that have adopted from them. To receive the discount with a qualifying rescue, enrollment needs to be complete prior to a week of the start date, as well. We do not give discounts to all rescued dogs at this time.

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